The Shinkansen Tour Package (FLEX JAPAN) Line-up

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Tour Package & Value Tickets

The Shinkansen Tour Package (FLEX JAPAN) Line-up

CENTRAL JAPAN FLEX- RAIL TICKET Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Open Ticket Package (Non-Reserved Seat)

(1) Product Details

These packages include round-trip tickets (non-reserved seating) for the Nozomi, Hikari, or Kodama Shinkansen trains from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka and local discount passes/coupons for use in the destination city.
The tickets can be used for a day trip from and back to Tokyo on the same day, or they can be used for a trip of up to seven (7) days.
Customers can purchase an E-Voucher for the package on, and then exchange it for their tickets after arriving in Japan. The E-Voucher remains valid for one (1) month from a travel start date chosen bt the customer and can be exchanged on any day during this period at the customer‘s discretion.
Tickets may be obtained at JR Tokai Tours offices in Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station. Since E-Vouchers can be easily exchanged for tickets prior to boarding the Shinkansen these products are perfect for visitors who wish to do some impromptu sightseeing when their schedules allow it.

(2) Application

E-Vouchers for this package are available exclusively on
After purchasing, print out your booking confirmation email; this is now your E-Voucher. The E-Voucher can then be exchanged for tickets of your specified dates (valid for a period of up to seven (7) days).
The cost of the package will be charged to your credit card when you book on

(3) Sales Channel

Book the Shinkansen Tour Package Online at

* Visit the sales channels mentioned above for more information such as application deadlines and blackout dates.