FY2008 Key Measures and Capital Investment

FY2009 Key Measures and Capital Investment

March 27, 2009
Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central)

<FY2009 Key Measures>

We will prioritize ensuring safe and reliable transportation, which is the foundation of the railway business, by focusing on safety related investment and thoroughly training our employees.

Tokaido Shinkansen

Along with continuing concentrated introduction of the Series N700, we will make efforts to provide train services flexibly during peak seasons and hours by leveraging the new timetable that allows up to 9 "Nozomi" services per hour to be operated. Furthermore, we will proceed with the construction works steadily to strengthen transportation infrastructure by increasing the number of Shinkansen platforms and draw-out tracks at Shin-Osaka Station, and with the renovation of passenger-related facilities including at Tokyo Station.

Conventional Railways

Along with offering services that utilize the transportation structure improved through the timetable revision, we will work on various measures to further improve our transportation services, such as replacement with new rolling stock.

Tokaido Shinkansen Bypass (Chuo Shinkansen) using the Superconducting Maglev

Along with promoting the four kinds of surveys instructed by the Minster of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, we will proceed with extending the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line to 42.8km and drastic renovations of its facilities to practical specifications, and aim to complete the construction as quickly as possible in a steady and speedy manner.


We will promote measures that will enhance passengers’ convenience, such as expanding "EX-IC (Express IC) Service" to the Sanyo Section and for the corporate membership, and adding an electronic money function on our IC card for conventional railways, "TOICA."

Technological Development

We will promote technological developments, focusing on strengthening our transportation services and countermeasures for natural disasters.

Efforts for Global Environmental Conservation

We will also continuously advance efforts to proactively protect the global environment.

Affiliated Businesses

Along with promoting the project of constructing a new building at Nagoya Station, we will strive for the improvement of all businesses associated with the "Shin-Yokohama Central Building," which opened in 2008. Also we will continue the development of land formerly used for company housings and steadily work for the launch of our agriculture business.

<Capital Investment Characteristics>

  • We will continue to actively implement investment that focuses on ensuring safe and reliable transportation, such as anti-earthquake reinforcement work on rail embankments and bridges of the Tokaido Shinkansen, the installation of ATS-PT on conventional lines, the concentrated introduction of the Series N700, and renovation work on Shin-Osaka Station to increase platforms and draw-out tracks.
  • We expect total non-consolidated investment for FY2009 to be 280 billion yen and include the following (10 billion yen decrease from previous year’s plan):
    Safety-related: 153 billion yen (36 billion yen decrease from previous year’s plan); Yamanashi Maglev Test Line extension work-related: 23 billion yen (11 billion yen increase over previous year’s plan); increasing platforms at Shin-Osaka Station-related: 13 billion yen (9 billion yen increase over previous year’s plan).
    Furthermore, on a consolidated basis, we expect a year-on-year increase in investment by 4 billion yen for a total of 319 billion yen due to adding up Nippon Sharyo’s capital investment.

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